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Keyboard Maestro 1.2.3 Rating: 4 cow rating

License: Shareware

Price: $20.00

This utility has three components: hotkeys, program switcher and clipboard switcher.

The hotkey component lets you perform user-configurable actions with one keystroke. All hotkeys can be targeted to specific applications so they're active only when that application is in use. Plus, any single hot key can execute multiple actions.

With the program switcher you can launch, switch, hide and quit applications with one keystroke.

With the clipboard switcher you can define any number of clipboards that you can copy to and paste from with a single keystroke. Clipboards are automatically saved through system restart and user logout.

Note: This program comes in two versions: a free lite version and a full version that is available with the purchase of a license key.

Also Available:

  • Keyboard Maestro OS X 10.1+ v1.1.3
  • Keyboard Maestro v2.0b4 for OS X10.2 or later

    Additional Software Required:
    MacOS X 10.1
  • Mac OS X
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    Nov 26, 2002

    Size: 2.1MB

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